Eating to Gain Weight


There are many illnesses that take a toll on the body, and extreme weight loss can be a side effect of some medications. For those who have lost much of their weight after a few months, gaining it back to help their body can be difficult. They might suddenly be faced with a need for eating to gain weight, and it can take much more work than they could have ever imagined. For those who like to indulge their appetites, it could begin as a dream come true until it does not end soon enough.

A patient with a need to gain weight often finds the amount of food they need to be more than they want, and they can become to feel discouraged as their body refuses to add mass immediately. It can take weeks or months before they reach their goal, and they might become concerned they will eventually be unable to stop eating. While their need to fuel their body for recovery is important, a good physician will address their other concerns.